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Welcome to ICEPICK, the literary magazine for your ears.

Yes, we’re basically a podcast. But we’re a podcast which curates, combines and experiments with all the zeal of a literary magazine.

At ICEPICK we believe the written- and spoken- word should be ‘an axe to the frozen sea within us’. To us, that means great new writing presented to you by great performers. It means themes and issues that speak to our world, now. It means a language which is exact and taut and which breaks the world open a little.

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Icepick publishes four times a year. Our next issue is due out on March 8th.


  • I come from peeling back my clean linen skin. Pulling out my sea-white bones. Flesh tainted with missing. As I walk, I shed organs.

    Hannah Aston, Stone Organs (Episode 1)

  • There are some positions from which you cannot escape; there are some situations that you cannot sail from; there are some oceans you cannot swim in, that you cannot drown in, that will not drown you.

    Kiefer Holland, Cement Mixer (Episode 1)