Meet the Crew

Tanaka's pic

Tanaka Mhishi – Creator, Producer

A poet, playwright and performer whose work has appeared in print at Words Dance, The Delinquent and in other anthologies and publications, as well as on stage at the Vault, Brighton Fringe, Clear Lines and UNHEARD Festivals.

Tanaka works to create research-grounded creative interrogations of social issues relating to body-trauma, masculinity, gender, sensuality and race.

He taught ‘Writing the Reef’ a Creative Response workshop for 15-18 year olds at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton, and undertook a writing residency called the Poet is In at the Gallery Cafe at the University of Brighton’s Grand Parade campus in the spring of 2015 while he was completing an MA in Creative Writing.

He is currently working with On Road Media on a project to improve the representation of survivors of sexual violence in the media- in the capacity he has worked with the Independent, BBC 3 and other mainstream news outlets. He is also a performer in Boys Don’t, an OFFIE nominated theatre show for ages 8+ about boys and crying.

Currently, he is the creator for Icepick Literary Podcast, choosing submissions, planning storyboards and editing recording. Icepick is a project he created to bring new works to the audio platform and help bring writers and voice actors new and old to the public eye.

Kristine Clark Assistant Producer

A writer, editor and international student whose past experience has included newspaper editing, student ambassador roles, and a promotional advocate for Pow!Media, a student media platform. Added to this, she has involved herself in a number of organisations targeted towards: women’s rights, ethnicity rights and personal empowerment.

In future issues and personal works, Kristine plans to incorporate relatable topics adhering to personal empowerment, feminism, mental health and human connection through storytelling and conversation.

She is currently in her 3rd year studying BA (Hons) in Advertising, Public Relations, and Media and acts as school voice leader for the school of media and performing arts. Currently, she is creating a documentary for her dissertation project about young artist using their creative fields to address certain social issues surrounding mental health and others.

Kristine assists in choosing submissions, organising storyboards and recording.