Thank you for your interest in ICEPICK. We’re very grateful that you’re considering working with us. We are currently looking for Writers and Voice Actors- please scroll down to the relevant section for guidelines on how to submit to us.

We are currently accepting submissions for ISSUE TWO: Heroes. Deadline: Midnight, 22 October GMT.

Please read the guidelines below carefully before you send in your submission and use the contact form to get in touch with any queries.


Icepick accepts submissions of both short (under 10 minutes) and long (10-30 minute) features. Please note that short features are generally purchased well in advance of broadcast.

We pay an honorarium of £8 for short features and £10 for long features.

There are no restrictions on form- we accept poetry sets, essays, radio plays, reviews, monologues, interviews, vignettes and all points in between. Please be aware, however, that we are unlikely to produce work written for more than three voices except under exceptional circumstances.

Icepick is all about letting great writing be interpreted by great performers who bring something new to the text they are reading. However, if you would like to perform/read your work yourself then please let us know this in your submission.

All submissions should be sent as email attachments (either .pdf, .doc or docx files) to and must include the following information in the body of your email only:

  • Your name (or pen name)
  • Whether you are submitting a long or a short feature.
  • A short bio (30 words or less).

If you are one of our Patreon supporters and would like feedback on your work, please include your Patreon username in your email.

We read blind, so please do not include any identifying information in the actual attachment. We can’t consider any submissions which fail to meet this requirement.

We aim to respond within 8 weeks of submission so please do not query before then. If, however, you haven’t heard from us after 8 weeks please accept our apologies and feel free to send a follow up note! We accept simultaneous submissions, but please tell us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We will consider producing previously published work providing that there are no other audio or visual recordings of the piece available to the public (including on your own personal blog) and you still own the rights to your piece. Please let us know the full details of any previous publication in your submission email.

If you have any questions regarding your submission please contact us at, or using the contact form.

Thanks again for considering us as a home for your work. Best of luck!

Voice Actors:

Icepick needs readers for both short (under 10 minutes) and long (10-30 minute) features. Short features are generally prerecorded well in advance of release and may be readings of poems, microfiction or short monologues. We pay £8 per performer for short features and will generally commission two at a time. Long features will generally be readings of short stories, monologues or short radio plays. We pay an honorarium of £10 per performer for long features. Please send an email to with the subject heading ‘Voice Actor’ and the following as attachments:

  • A short (around 2mins ) recording (mp3 file format) of your speaking voice. You should state your name (so that we can pronounce it correctly in the credits!) and read a sample (poetry/prose/script) which you feel represents the kind of reading you’d like to do. Alternatively, you may send us a link to a showreel, provided it will give us a significant insight into your speaking voice.

In the body of your email please include the following information:

  • The name you would like to be known as in the credits/shownotes
  • Some details of your acting/performing experience (if any!). We aim to be submitter friendly, so if you have a relevant CV we will happily accept that instead.
  • (Optional!) One or two sentences about the kind of work you might like to read for us (e.g. comedy, poetry, radio plays) so that we can best match you with writers.

We aim to respond within 8 weeks of your submission, so if we’re tardy then please accept our apologies and feel free to send a reminder.

Thank you again for wanting to be part of ICEPICK. We hope to be hearing from you soon!